Why do I have to trust you?
Our Senior Graphic Designer started work as a professional designer in 2015. He is presented on all main professional platforms. You could easily find Max (Maksym) Yenin on social networks, follow him and see how he has been growing as well as our studio does.
“Quality design is not done in an hour. This is an accurate work with details as I work following high standards in design and it needs to do a lot of research. Trends and tendencies change from year to year. And I want to grow and improve my skills. So, I use every possible chance to do it,” Max once said.
Why do I have to choose you not another design studio?
Would you like to get a Tesla car or an old FSO Polonez? To tell the truth it’s the question of quality. If you would like to be sure that your project will be on the highest level, if you’ve got used to working with responsible and professional people, if you value communication skills as a tool to create a new unique product, welcome to us! We have a huge experience cooperating with foreign companies. So, we know how to catch and improve ideas. We create a professional design which is fully unique as we make our own ideas and concepts to life. It’s the guarantee that you’re not going to have any problems with copyright holders. Even if we have already worked in the business sphere where our client is from, we do the research on the current market analyzing and comparing competitors and creating better concepts.
Why do I have to choose your studio instead of any other bigger company?
Highly likely big companies have recourse to less known and paid designers. The managers in some big companies are specialists who know something about the tools to create designs. We are the professionals in this sphere. We use the tools to implement the idea and demonstrate the meaning of the design. When you work with us, you pay directly to the designer instead of managers, directors and other agents. Also, it’s always easier to negotiate and reach an agreement.
What is a subscription?
A special monthly subscription is for those who need design services every month. We provide you with all kinds of professional art assistance like designs, logos, pictures, banners etc. We get paid monthly and my partners get the first priority. They don't need to create a lot of contracts; they don't need to find many designers and ask for spare time. They get a fixed price once a month and send us the things to get done every day or so. It's like outsourcing.
* The price for the subscription is different for each company depending on their needs.
What information do you need to start working on a logo?
Don't worry too much. We'll guide you through. We'll help you to get all your ideas and thoughts together to get it done. During the meeting we'll find the answers to the following questions: Logo text & tagline • Niche (market) & description of your company/business (name, strapline) • Specific images or icons you want in the concept • Any color preferences or any existing colors • Overall message you want to convey • Deadlines/timelines
What is the format of editable source files?
I can provide formats of editable source file as AI or PSD. Later, if you need, you can edit/resize the logo to any size without loosing quality.
What are Stationery Designs?
Stationery designs include a simple business card, a letterhead, an envelope as you wish. Feel free to ask something else.
What does Brand Identity design include?
It includes Color Palette, Logo (Primary & Secondary), Business card, Email design, Letterhead design, Brand Book.
Can I get unlimited changes while we're working on our project?
Changes are done by 1 chosen logo and not for all concepts. Unlimited revisions mean you will get unlimited changes to the original concept (color changes, shape changes, font changes), not unlimited completely new works . So, you will get unlimited changes to one single concept you choose. In this case, the cost is different from the average one.
What does 3D Mockup mean?
A 3D Mockup is a full-size model of a logo design for demonstration, design evaluation, promotion, or other purpose. I provide a logo printed on an item/product like a T-shirt, a paper, a business, a badge or on a wall as you wish.
What are Initial Concepts?
Initial Concepts are the very first concepts with different ideas.
What does Social Media Kit include?
It includes PSD templates for Instagram and Facebook posts. Please, let us know if you need them for another social platform.
Will you design any type of logo?
YES, we create all kinds of logos, but, please, message us first to satisfy your needs and meet all expectations. And it's not only about logos 😉
What should I do if I have an idea and I don't need concepts?
Feel free to ask for a custom order and we will send you one.
What software do you use?
Basically we use Adobe products. It depends on what task we get. It can be other useful tools. If you have any preferences, feel free to ask.
How do you create a sticker?
First, it is drawn on the paper. That's how a rough sketch appear. Then a line art is made with a graphic tablet. After that we use Illustrator/Photoshop to color it.
What is a source file?
Source file is a .AI file that includes all the layers of the character (line art, colors, shading, details). So, it is a full file of the art.
How many ads are included in the Facebook/Instagram advertising offer?
We can have 2-4 ads at a time and then choose the best ones. You can provide us with your ready-to-use ad creatives or we can create them based on your terms of reference.
We do follow all the security measurements and 2-Step verification is always used. The customer can add our accounts to their Business Manager.
The easiest way is you confirm your payment method in your Ad Accounts in Facebook Business Manager and Facebook charges you directly. In this case, you need to transfer the budget to your bank card monthly.
What will I receive in Google ads offer?
You will receive:
• Clicks to the website from highly-targeted, ready-to-buy customers who are actively searching for where to order a similar item or get a desirable service.
• Targeted phone calls from those who prefer to call immediately rather than browsing the website. We will set up ad formats where the client can easily make a call.
• During the advertising campaign, the website will rank in the top 3 on Google search results for key queries, and for some specific, narrow queries, it will reach the top position (TOP-1)
• All the stats each month.
• Around 100,000 impressions and 15,000 clicks on your website. The numbers can vary. The clicks depend on the business sector and the cost per click on the current Google market. Your website might need a redesign to enhance KPI (clear page design, PageSpeed score, more offers and discounts, pop-up windows, etc.)

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