Subscription (Outsource to us)

NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
Completing tasks on a daily basis (per month)1078800


NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
Character concept (full-body character, front/back/side view + accessories)808600
Digital portrait (1 person, head and shoulders)269200
Digital portrait (2 or more people; price per person)135100
Sticker drawing10880
Album cover art269200
Commercial drawing202150
Traditional pencil portrait269200


NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
Converting logo from JPG to vector format10880
Business card (one-sided)162120
Business card (two-sided)242180
Editing of your business card10880
Brand Identity design***1212900
Letterhead design12190
Folder design10880
Envelope design (А5, А6)10880
Envelope design (А4)10880
Pen design10880
Mug design10880
Fridge magnet design10880
Name tag design10880
Commercial vehicle wrap539400
PowerPoint presentation (per slide)5440
Photo retouching (per photo)5440

Print design

NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
Leaflet (А4, trifold)229170
Book cover404300
Flyer (one-sided, А5, А6)162120
Flyer (two-sided, А5, А6)242180
Preparing for printing5440
Pocket calendar design10880
Desk calendar design162120
Wall calendar design (12 pages)162120
Quarter calendar design135100
Table tent design (two-sided)10880
Catalogue design А6, А5 (per page)8160
Catalogue design А4, А3 (per page)8160
Notebook design162120
Discount card design162120
Certificate design135100
Merch design (T-shirts, masks, bags etc.)162120

Outdoor commercial

NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
Signboard design216160
Poster A1, A0216160
Billboard design242180
Door sign design10880
Shelf wobbler design10880
Door hanger (one-sided)10880
VR stand design404300
Roll-up stand216160

Packaging design

NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
Bag design216160
Label design162120
Sticker design10880
Box design216160

Web design

NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
Social media template135100
Social media design8160
Youtube banner135100
Facebook banner135100
Twitter banner135100
Youtube thumbnail design8160
Youtube avatar8160
Youtube (banner + thumbnail + avatar)269200
Website banner8160
Website design (per page)9470
HTML+CSS coding (per page)10880
Landing page (single long page - design+coding)674500
Icons (a set of 10 icons)269200

Website Pack (Wordpress CMS)

NamePrice, CADPrice, EUR
First theme (or single theme) - 4-5 pages****15491150
Second theme for the same client14721093
Third one13981038
Add a new page to the theme202150

Digital Marketing

NamePrice (subcontract's), CADPrice (for clients), CAD
Monthly market research + research budget: research writing, market plan and marketing execution1400 + 6502491 (1850 EUR)
Google advertising: search query analysis and competitor analysis + launching of an advertising campaign + administrative charge + Google display ads (setting up + launch + administrative charge) ($675 Alex + 20% ($135) Ours + $15/day (450) campaign = $1260)675810
Preparation of advertising offers for a month + development of all advertising materials + Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Instagram (posting and running an effective Facebook/Instagram page) ($600 Alex + 20% ($120) Ours + $14/day (420) campaign = $1140)600720
Google My Business (setting up Google My business page + administrative charge + reviews)130156
Email marketing (setting up)190228
Cold sales (preparation scripts and cold purchase funnel)130156
Online mass media (creating briefs for articles, analysis and choosing the appropriate mass media)95114
Online service marketplace (registration + advertising + administrative charge)130156
Branding That Sales (competitive brand design analysis, target audience analysis (their design preferences), brand awareness establishing)450540
Launching Network Marketing Business (organizational and management setup, calculation the commissions of all future distributors, preparation of all materials (instruction manuals, catalogs, sales letters, brochures) etc.)1930-25742316-3089
YouTube advertising campaigns for brand awareness and sales (launching video ads, creating a YouTube channel graphics, channel growth methods)257308

Visual media

NamePrice (subcontract's), CADPrice (for clients), CAD
Introduction video (filming + post-production)*****240300
Commercial photography/videography (filming + post-production) (per hour)280350
Product/Staff photography (per hour)280350
Editing for Instagram Video (stories/reels) / TikTok5670
4K / 1080p Video Editing (per hour of work)80100
Online streaming per hour3240
Youtube channel promotion (analysis of the niche (strategy, target audience analysis) + improving the current content)240300

*The final price depends on number of details and changes

**We start working only after 50% prepayment of the basic price

***Includes Color Palette, Logo (Primary & Secondary), Business card, Email design, Letterhead design, Brand Book

****Includes website consultation, sitemap strategy, design custom 5-page website, mobile responsive, Wordpress set-up. Doesn't include memberships, customer management, custom email, custom forms (these can be included additionally)

*****The price starts from the Basic level - one-minute video with no extra light, no heavy equipment, one-two scene only

The price list is converted to CAD on xe.com1,34707

Updated15 June, 2022