Okanagan Military Tattoo Society


At Yenin.art Studio, we pride ourselves on fostering meaningful partnerships that elevate community engagement and enrich cultural experiences. One such esteemed collaboration is with the Okanagan Military Tattoo Society, an organization dedicated to enhancing arts and culture in Greater Vernon through a variety of captivating events and initiatives.

About Okanagan Military Tattoo Society

The Okanagan Military Tattoo Society is renowned for its diverse range of events that showcase local talents while fostering a deeper connection to Canadian heritage and patriotism. Among its notable endeavours is the world-class Tattoo, a spectacular celebration featuring over 20 performing arts groups and approximately 500 performers. This signature event not only entertains audiences but also serves as a platform to educate youth and unite the community in celebration of cherished traditions.

Our Successful Endeavors Together:

Our partnership with the Okanagan Military Tattoo Society has been characterized by a dynamic range of collaborative projects, all executed with precision and creativity. Here are some of the highlights of our successful ventures thus far:

Strategic Marketing Initiatives: From Christmas sales landing pages to managing social media accounts and crafting compelling news releases, we’ve worked diligently as the Society’s dedicated marketing arm to amplify their presence and reach.

-10.3% marketing costs reduced

Design Expertise: We’ve lent our creative flair to various design projects, including main poster designs, show cards, ad creatives, and Souvenir Program designs, ensuring each piece reflects the essence of the biggest indoor event in Vernon, BC.

Digital Engagement: Through the management of social media accounts, creation of engaging content, and strategic advertising campaigns, we’ve successfully increased online visibility and community engagement for the Society’s initiatives.

Event Support: From coordinating ticket sales and managing promotional campaigns to providing on-site support during events, our team has been instrumental in ensuring seamless execution and success.

Consultation and Strategy: Our role extends beyond execution to strategic consultation, where we’ve provided valuable insights and guidance to enhance the Society’s marketing efforts and overall impact.

Continuing Success and Future Collaborations

As a proud partner of the Okanagan Military Tattoo Society, we are delighted to have contributed to the success of their events and initiatives. Our commitment to excellence, creativity, and collaboration aligns seamlessly with the Society’s mission, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful partnership in the years to come.

Our partnership with the Okanagan Military Tattoo Society serves as a testament to our capabilities in delivering exceptional marketing solutions that drive engagement, foster community spirit, and celebrate cultural heritage. If you’re seeking a collaborative partner to elevate your organization’s presence and impact, we invite you to join us in our journey of creativity and success.

Some of the videos on the OMT Society social accounts

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Show cards

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