BC Winter Games 2022


The BC Games date back to 1978 when the first Winter Games were hosted at Penticton, British Columbia.

In 2023 the 900 athletes will compete in 15 different sports. These athletes will be supported by 342 coaches and 197 officials who will provide the best knowledge and expertise to the athletes and the competition. More than 1,300 volunteers will be working behind the scenes on opening and closing ceremonies, special events, and every aspect of the games.

Yenin.art Studio made a decision to volunteer for the BC Winter Games which are scheduled to be held in Greater Vernon, BC from March 23 to 26, 2023.

BC Winter Games 2023 logo

+ We reviewed all Vernon BC Winter Games social media and website and provided feedback on improvements to keep branding identity up-to-date and holistic.

+ We designed different graphics for the Torchlighting ceremony (post templates, invitations, name tags, etc.)

+ We created a Task Management System that helps us track the progress of all tasks of the whole marketing team.

+ We oversaw the production of all graphic elements for all Games applications (letterhead, covers for manuals, posters, business cards, signs, banner, badges, etc.)

+ We created template items that help all Directorates achieve brand consistency.

Stats from March 24-25

We received more than 450 messages over BC Winter Games social media just within two days! Can you imagine this? Yes, Nick read and replied to all of them ?

We also created more than 200 stories while the BC Winter Games. And some of them were funny videos to attract more of the audience to the Games. You can watch some of them below.

Around 40% of the viewers aren’t subscribed on both Instagram and Facebook

15,500+ accounts reached
200+ stories created
70 new subscribers
2 chats
99 comments under our posts
29 mentions in posts
5,540+ accounts reached
200+ stories created
95+ chats
450+ messages
170+ new subscribers
33 comments under our posts

Accreditation badges

Activity Guide

Sport Schedule

Business card

Newspaper ads

Social media posts

Roll-up banners


From left to right: Cindy Masters, the Vice President of the BC Winter Games, Max Yenin, the Senior Graphic Designer at Yenin.art Studio, Lara Konkin, the Director of Marketing of the BC Winter Games, Nick Zrazh, the Communications Specialist at Yenin.art Studio and Nicky Dunlop, the President of the BC Winter Games

We were happy to meet our officials and VIP guests during the Games. Wonderful experience! A post with our designs was published on Lana Popham’s social media. She is the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport of British Columbia.

Thank you Lana!

Appreciation gift from the BC Winter Games for Yenin.art Studio for being a part of the unique event