A few days ago I was asked about best practices on how to develop a new business using the IT sector and social media platforms. A lot of people know (surprisingly not all of them yet) that it’s good to have a website telling about your business. But the question is what to do next.

How to reach more leads and expand networking especially when you are on a budget? What is the best strategy for a new business to let more potential customers know about you? I would like to share ideas which are easy to implement and are highly productive. Please, share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

In my ideas, I use a pet-orientated business as an example.

1. Social network development. Pay more attention to Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Accounts on these social networking sites must be bright, colourful and have a lot of positive vibes. If we talk about your pet shelter/pet-orientated business, you should have some stories about your pets, some useful information about them, how to train, feed, walk with them and so on.

On your Instagram account, you should have descriptions of your services and discounts in your stories and posts. You should provide people with the info, about what pets eat, where they stay, and how they spend time. Also, think about TikTok videos and Instagram Reels with funny and cute animals, and how they enjoy their time.

2. You should always reply to people on all social media not only when they send you a direct message but also when they comment your post or video. Your audience must see that they are valued and they are important to you.

3. When you get more subscribers to your accounts, it’s also a really good idea to let people say what they think about your services. Polls are a good way to do so. You could also ask people to share their opinions in comments about the quality of your service, what services they would like to have, what services are handy and what services they don’t need. This is a good way to get to know your target audience.

4. In your Facebook and Instagram accounts you should talk to people in a way like you know them personally. On the TikTok platform, you should always release the content to people who don’t know you at all. In TikTok, you have only the first 2-3 seconds to make a viewer interested in you and your video.

5. Instagram and Facebook ads. This is a very good way to let more people know about you. But before doing it, your accounts must be ready for it and tell people all the important information.

6. One month before vacation time, you should start offering discounts and provide special offers for your services. (ads + website + social website accounts)

7. You should follow all the local groups on Facebook not only related to pets but others as well. You should monitor them carefully on a daily basis as people quite often ask different questions about pet-related things like where they could leave their pets while travelling, overnight service, daycare and so on. Sometimes they ask people to recommend them these places and that’s a good chance for you to tell people about you.

8. You should have a list of your competitors: local competitors, in your area, in your province. You should investigate and find what they have and what they don’t. I’m talking not only about their services but also the info on their websites, and their social media. You should do better than them or at least the same.

9. I would also recommend finding a phone which you could call your competitors and ask them about their services. It’s always good to know what they say to your potential clients.

10. You should attend all local events and activities related to your business. You should meet and get to know with as many people as you can. You should attend all sorts of clubs we have in our area related to dogs like training clubs and just the places where people walk their dogs the most. You should always have your business cards with you and whenever you see an opportunity to tell people about your business, you should give them your business card. Even if they don’t need your service today, it doesn’t mean that they won’t need it tomorrow. Also, you should remember that they have friends and relatives who might be really interested in your services.